Thomas Dekker and Hoot ~ New cub in town
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Thomas could feel the weres long before he saw them. There was an energy they exuded when in a pack. He filled his lungs with their scent and walked through the door of the bar. With an air of cockiness that only the young or unstable can get away with.

Seated at his usual perch, Hoot scribbled another note for the day shift barman when he heard the door open.Collapse )

Liam, Hoot, Karl and Walker ~ Hunting the hunters
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Liam looked at his alphas and warned them, "We scan the area in fur, stay close enough that we have each other's back. The one the Vamp killed might have acted on his own, but we can't take chances."

"The pack's been warned to give that area a wide berth, but I have a feeling one or two might be feeling macho - we'll need to keep an eye out for them too." Hoot stood with his back to the wall, arms crossed as he stared at the ground, mind already on the hunt.

Karl sat just to the side of Hoot, eyes moving between the two men as they spoke.Collapse )

Mid-March, 2010; Hoot and Kevin Zegers; Hoot's Place

It's a jungle in here.Collapse )


Paris and Troy ~ First meeting
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Follows a few days after Curiosity Kills Paris

He’d heard rumors of a new club opening, rumor had the name as Medusa... rather mythological, but certainly worth checking out - at least location. It wasn’t that Hoot was afraid of competition; he knew his own clientèle was rather... select. But it never hurt to know if a new place might cause a threat or danger to his pack. So instead of opening the bar, the large alpha found himself walking the streets of New Orleans - something he realized he’d not done in a long while, counting on Karl to keep him informed.

Hi, I’m Hoot... not as in ‘I don’t give a...’ But my name.Collapse )
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Jared Leto, Hoot, Walker Jerome and Andre Marek ~ Vampire in a Were bar.
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Jared stalked the streets pushing people out of his way. The were at the club had left him frustrated and hungry; so hungry it was as if his skin itched with the need for blood. Each human that passed him left a heat trail and the scent of their blood... but suddenly there was another scent. It was strong and it wasn't simply hunger that drew Jared to it.

Back to the corner, arms across his chest, Hoot watched the Weres around him. His pack. Collapse )

Hoot, Andre Marek and Liam Neeson ~ Whelps and disrespectful pups
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[Follows this post with Josh and Bill]

His body trembled with the exertion; Hoot's black wolf had been running for hours, since nearly 4pm and it was now close to 10. He was tired, but still frustrated enough to mangle someone, but even that didn't feel like enough. Furious with the past few days, he'd had enough; left a note saying he'd be out for the night and orders... yes, pure Alpha orders, for the bartender on duty to follow the rules exactly, no deviations. And orders for the pack as well; step one toe out of line and he'd fucking rip a leg off and beat them to death with it.

Naked now, unable to accurately remember where he'd left his clothing, he moved through the small parks and copses of trees, headed for Liam's house.Collapse )

Hoot, Josh Holloway and Bill Kaulitz

Continued from here, when Hoot and Bill meet.

You forget, I got teeth too.Collapse )

Hoot and Bill Kaulitz

People lose things, they buy more things.Collapse )

Shannon Leto, Oded Fehr and Hoot ~ Loving Arms
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Oded heaved a sigh. Going over reports was the last thing that he wanted to do tonight, but sadly, necessary. He should have been wrapped around his mate, enjoying the peace of the evening but duty called. Picking up his too light coffee cup Oded twisted his head from side to side, feeling his neck crack as he made his way into the kitchen to refill his caffeine supply. A wave of sorrow rolled across him, coffee cup crashing to the hardwood floor. Something was wrong. His heart constricted, tears welling up in his eyes, and then panic. It was Shannon projecting this heartache and fear. What was wrong? He didn't bother with dressing or shoes. Instead with his adrenaline raised Oded shifted, allowing his wolf to take control and lead him through the city to find his mate.

He rolled to the side, body aching with every move, feeling like lead and still enough alive to hurt with every moveCollapse )

Shannon Leto, Liam Neeson and Hoot ~ Feeling a Vampire burn
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Liam sat at his usual table in a back corner of Hoots bar. It served the purpose of giving him a good view of the inhabitants, but more importantly the privacy to conduct Were business. That morning he'd sent out an early call for Shannon because they needed to discuss his brother.

Still half asleep, Shannon dragged his ass through the streets, scuffling his feet along the way. It wouldn't have been so bad if his exhaustion was due to nights spend with either Oded or Jared, but right now they were spent in restless, less than refreshing attempts at slumber. Arriving at the bar, he knocked then pushed the door open.

You look rough pup, but I have had some news on your brotherCollapse )


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